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This site has got your attention, now can it keep it?

What I would like to do with this site is reveal the double talk, the real effect, real life examples and the real truth behind what politicians and the money men say. Lots of groups have their own voices with people and organizations to make their points and shout for them in public. What most voters do not have is a public voice, one where they can speak, tell and show what they want/object too without getting the finger pointed at them and told “You sound like a trouble maker and we take your actions as threatening.”. Yes, I have been told that, because I complained.

I would like everyone to join, politicians at any level, corporate types and regular people. Whilst most of the politicians and corporate types are in it for themselves, I have to believe that some still have morals, honour and know right from wrong regardless of their party affiliations and corporate overlords.

Most importantly voters want answers as to why they are ignored.

What this site offers. A place where all are welcome, the right, the centre, the left and those that have no special leaning. You can sign up and talk about anything, with a couple of exceptions which will be listed on the rules page. We encourage free speech and freedom of speech but only the truth not lies, opinions and quotes always giving credit. Name the politician and speak of their deeds good or bad, yes I know some do good sometimes. Talk about broken promises and where they “improve” what was not broken to start with. Explain what they really mean, not what they say and how the double speak is turned around depending on who the politician talks too.

Expose the truth and tell us all. Don't be boring, a little humour is always nice too see.

This site is not linked to any political party and is not sponsored by any political party. This website is maintained by a single person who will not post to sway discussions, but only to enforce rules and make sure it is fair even if they disagree. This person will only be known as “TheAdmin” and will try to keep out of the way. “TheAdmin” will have a normal account just like everyone else so they can speak about what bother them. Everyone will be welcome to have one account, and will be free to speak about anything they want. Everyone will be able to see the site and read anything that is posted on it, if they wish to contribute people will need to sign up.

I/we will want to talk about everything from potholes to street lights, expenses to taxes, double dipping to minimum wage and the good, the bad and the ugly. If you have a gripe about something that elected officials have control over, this will be a place to talk about it. If you have an answer, this will be a good place for you. If you have a question, ask away, someone may have an answer. Also, if you have something good to say, here will be a place to tell everyone so everyone will be able to know the good things.