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Rules for www.ignoredvoters.com

These rules are always under review and come in three categories.

The first set are designed for the protection of the web site, its owner and the host. The second set are about keeping it clean, polite and readable. The third set are for unintended consequences to stop the site from being turned in to something it is not and keep people on track.

Rule set 1, keep it legal.

No explicit pornography. The reason I have for this; you may wish to publish a picture or film to accompany an article you write that may contain nudity. This is not necessarily pornography, but just evidence to prove a point.

Do not lie. If you publish something have the proof to back it up. This can be digital or paper and available to be used for your defence.

Each and every member on or using this site is responsible for their own account. This means anything posted or published in or by your name is down to you.

Rule set 2, keep it friendly.

Do not attack people, attack their ideas, thoughts and deeds or lack off.

Do not use text speak, I want real English words.

Do not use abbreviations unless you explain each one at the top or bottom of your post.

Rule set 3, keep it real.

Do not post links to anything illegal. This means but is not limited too illegal downloads, illegal websites and materials that are illegal. This also means anything covered by other rules here.

Do not ask for personal details repeatedly.

Do not publish personal details about others unless it is in connection with a valid article you have written.